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  • Camp Pepin Aerial Adventures

    Camp Pepin's Aerial Adventure experience allows for participation in a variety of our thrilling, challenging, and exciting High Ropes, Faith Pole, and Giant Swing activities - all in one day! Led by certified staff, the group will be trained in the safety procedures of our activities before spending the day among the treetops! Register with at least one other person. After the aerial adventures experience, there may be an opportunity to explore and enjoy the camp's waterfront by kayaking, canoeing, or standup paddleboarding, or play a round of disc golf. Transportation provided if desired for an additional cost of $15.00/person.
  • High School Fall Sports Team Camp

    Looking for a unique and exciting way to build cohesiveness, teamwork, and unity within your team or club? YMCA Camp Pepin has a variety of activity options for designing and tailoring the perfect team retreat to your specific group's needs. Contact Community Ed for pricing, and to begin mapping out a purposeful getaway for your group!
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  • Northfield City Park Adventure Race #2

    Do not register until June 1. Your race time begins at the time of registration/payment, so plan accordingly! Adventure into Northfield city parks on a quest to find coveted checkpoints, leading to your team's final destination. If you love deciphering clues, racing against time, and are up for a challenge, you will enjoy the thrill of this experience. Your race will begin at the time you submit your registration with payment, and will end after completing the instructions found within the final QR code. You may start and finish your race on any given day between June 1 - August 1. Individuals, couples, or families are encouraged to participate. The first clue will be unveiled in your registration confirmation email, sent directly after registration is complete. Clue one will lead you to a Northfield park where a QR code will be located on a 1/2 sheet of laminated white cardstock paper. When you find the clue, there will be an instruction for completing an individual/team challenge. Following that, you will scan the QR code to receive the next clue, and so on. All participants will earn a free day pass to the Northfield Outdoor Pool, and the winning person or team of the race will win one $50 Community Education voucher to be used toward a future program. The winner will be announced early August. Participants will be mailed the pool pass shortly after completing the race. Important to Note! 1. You must have a QR reader downloaded on your smartphone in order to scan the QR codes throughout the race. The camera scan on your smartphone will likely not work appropriately. 2. There are 10 total clues (1 in confirmation email and 9 after scanning a QR code). 3. You must keep an orderly record of the parks where you've scanned a QR code. 4. You will be asked to complete a challenge at each park. To the best of your ability, please video those challenges. After completing the instructions found within the final QR code, a reply will come within 24 hours, asking you to send in a specific video from ONE of your challenges. 5. Each clue contains two poetic stanzas (the last clue has many). The first stanza of each clue will assist you in finding the correct park. The second stanza is meant to help you with finding the general vicinity of the QR code. 6. QR codes will be found in Northfield City Parks only. 7. Northfield Community Education and the City of Northfield are not responsible for any injury or accident occurring from the race. The QR codes are placed with safety in mind. Please closely monitor young children on your team to maintain an injury free, successful race. 8. QR code readers can be finicky. Most people make the mistake of trying to scan too close to the code. Be patient. Sometimes the glare of the sun, etc. requires you to scan from a different angle. Try downloading a couple different code readers prior to the race. All race codes have been scanned over 5 times with a couple free code readers to ensure a successful scanning experience. (Kaspersky QR Scanner for Android and iPhone AND QR Code Reader for iPhone are the two I found to work the best). 9. Text 612-282-3069 with QR code issues. 10. Come prepared with tennis shoes and a water bottle. 11. No QR codes will be found on playground equipment, and the race will not require anyone to climb or dig. Codes will be visible to the eye (with some looking around), and easily scannable.
  • River Bend Paddle

    Glide along the Cannon River Reservoir in a canoe or kayak, and let the ripples of the water carry you to a new state of mind. After instruction and safety protocol provided by River Bend staff, you will launch out onto the water and begin your paddling experience. Cruise the reservoir with very minimal current as you practice your strokes and float along, engulfed by beautiful North and South Alexander Park. By the time you flow into shore, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how to maneuver watercraft, and will have the confidence to launch out on your own. One staff member will be positioned on the water in a kayak for any support needed. All equipment provided, including lifejackets. The class is for any skill level. You will find a waiver form in your confirmation email. Please print, sign, and bring it with you to class. Enter the park off of 2nd Ave NW and park somewhere along Alexander Drive. $29/Person or $55/Family Discounts will be applied at checkout.
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